A Union at the Walters is greatly needed because it will assist in building a stronger positive work environment.

I’m extremely glad that we’re organizing and I’m absolutely going to vote yes for our union. I came from an institution that was unionized and that makes a huge difference.

I believe a union would give us greater influence and ownership over our work culture.

On our own, we have never been able to bring about the changes the museum needs to be a better workplace. A union would give us the backing needed to create real change.

I support Walters Workers United because I want the job that I'm good at to be protected by a contract.

We need a union at the Walters because the time has come to empower all employees, not just the ones at the top of the hierarchy. The strength of the Walters is in its staff, we make the Walters what it is today.

My coworkers are some of the most caring, hardworking, and smartest people I’ve ever met. We need a union to ensure we have a seat at the table when decisions are being made that impact our lives and work.
I support the Walters Union because I want to be able to focus on doing my job well, with clarity, transparency, security, and support.
It’s amazing how we work together, as a team. With our union, we would lead together and become a transformative force. Let’s empower our work with fairness and transparency.
As we listen to and engage with communities across greater Baltimore, we must also advocate for more equitable structures within our own institution. In forming our union, we will be better equipped to secure our jobs, ensure living wages and healthcare for all, build and sustain ladders of opportunity, and clear pathways for career advancement. Together we can be a transformative force for change.
I’ve worked at the museum for 5 years and in that time nearly the entire education team, a group of 15, has turned over. It’s been traumatic and we’ve lost good people and a wealth of institutional knowledge to burn out and toxic work culture. We need a workers’ union at the Walters Art Museum in order to be a collaborative, supportive work place that values the thoughts and opinions of our colleagues as much as we value art objects.